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Two-Faced Anxiety Monster

Images curtesy of Manneq Art

Two Faced Anxiety Monsterwas inspired by a two-sided mask I made in 2016 called Beauty Shop and a childhood art therapy exercise given to my six-year-old niece. Her assignment was to imagine her worry as a monster and draw a picture of it. MY Two-Faced Anxiety Monsterwas made using fake fur, pipe-cleaners, yarn, hand-painted acrylic nails & glasses from the dollar store. I used repetitive motions such as knotting, hand-crocheting and stitching to construct the piece. 


This series of experimental location photos is still in process. Made of ripped cotton quilting fabrics that have been braided and sewn together and then hardened with resin, the piece will continue to change as it ages and settles.

Idealized Performance: Series

As with most of my work the “Idealized Performance Series” is based in self portraiture. Each of the underlying plaster, resin or paper forms is made using a lifecast of my own face. The title for this ongoing series, along with many of the individual titles for each work, is taken from sociologist Erving Goffman's seminal work "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.” 

Abstract Works

My abstract works are made using acrylic paints and mediums along with other mixed media materials. During my time in graduate school I became invested in material exploration, making acrylic skins, mixed media acrylic fiber art and more. These painting involved layer after layer of active painting, drips and controlled pours.

"The Spectator" from the Bodies in Motion exhibit

at the Chico Art Center

"The Spectator" on display at the Bodies in Motion exhibit at the Chico Art Center in Northern California Spring 2018. See also 2017 work for ManneqArt Photos.

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